Saturday, November 27, 2010

I need to get a camera back in my hands

The past two years have been to much work and not enough play (especially the last year). I remember when I played as much as I worked, sadly work has taken the forefront. I've been going home, way too soon; not going out, way too much. Things are going to start to change, I am slowly going to reclaim my life back.

First up, I am putting together a server. The one that I have been wanting to put together since 2008 when my friend, Julian, left for Iraq. So much for that. Back then I wanted a server to organize and backup my photos in a structured way. Now I have a few more things in mind for it. I'll try and document what I do with it on my other blog

second, I don't have a camera that makes me want  to take pictures anymore. Yea I have the D1h (woohoo) and I have the S95 point and shoot, which is awesome for a point and shoot (but its still a point and shoot), and of course I have my f100 (35mm) which I am stupid for not using. Maybe if I actually develop the last 3 rolls of film, I'll get excited and want to make more.

Third, Padfoot (my dog) is 19 weeks old today. I still haven't weighed him today, I will though. I always weigh him on Saturdays because that's the day he was born.

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