Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Autumn, Color

Who doesn't love sight and smell of October on the American East Coast? In my opinion there can be not nicer month.

As the month comes to a close I was too busy to do everything I would of liked, but I can say for sure the month wasnt wasted. I lucked out; my girlfriend Christina, and I had a beautiful day at the orchard and an even more amazing day at the zoo.

Orchards are great, but if you are like me little kids can sometimes be a little much to deal with. I have come up with two techniques to evade those little devils. One is simply take off work on a wednesday; all you'll have to worry about is the field trips and the loud ass mom who think that their six month old baby gives two shits about seeing a tiger. The other techique you can use is to just swear up and down around the few kids that are around you. The parents might give you a nasty look as they walk away with the brat (child), but hey they walked away didnt they?
On a lighter note, the colors couldn't have been better and for the most part the weather couldn't have been nicer this year. I can only hope that November will be as nice of a month as the last....

Harry, Harry, Harry,

I know everyone in the world has either read, or watch Harry Potter by now.
Not me, at least not until now. Currently I find myself in a desprate attempt to finish these books before someone ruins the end for me. For some reason people find the need to tell things I have yet to read; it is getting annoying.

Lucky for me I found this time turner. Now I just have to figure out how to use it....