Friday, September 18, 2009

First post

OMG a hood! by you.

Lately I've been entertaining the idea of being more pro active about my photography. I guess that's why I am this blog. First and foremost I am hoping if a gain one thing from blogging it will be the creative desire to make an inspiring photo everywhere I go. My strobes and triggers have been collecting dust for too long, I suppose it is about time I pull them out; and maybe, just maybe, I'll start getting those creative shoots I feel like I've been missing for the past year.  I started making a ring light...

Today I started making a DIY ring light. I am making a one using ideas I picked up from MotleyPixel but I am making a mounting bracket that I am hoping will turn out much nicer. Power is going to be limited due to the nature of DIY ring lights like this (using a speed light) I'm thinking this light is going to mainly be good for short distance shooting. Hopefully I can at least get a good ring in the eyes.

Other than this I have been eagerly awaiting the 70-200 VRII lens coming out in November. I figured this lens would come out last year so I held off on the current 70-200 Nikkor, I have now been delaying buying the current version of the lens for almost two years now.

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